Robert was featured in the Western Morning News on 13th February 2015 with their new feature on Cornish Artists starting with Robert Jones. You can read the full article online here.

It is appropriate to begin this series of articles featuring west country artists with the Cornish born artist Robert Jones. Of the many artists working in the county today he is one of the few to have lived and worked here for most of his life.

His paintings express his experience of the Cornish landscape – “things and places that catch my eye” – or experiences remembered. He spent seven years as skipper of various fishing boats during the 1970s, an experience that has informed his work as an artist and an author. Subjects will often come from walking; indeed, Robert has explored a great deal of the coastal footpath; but the paintings are more than just about subject matter.

“I think that paintings, if they are any good, work on many levels. For most people the subject matter may be seen as the most significant factor, but there are other things at play here. The scale and proportion of one part of the painting in relation to another, and the shape of the spaces between and around things is fascinating. I see it as the structure and architecture of painting. Tonal values are important to me. Light against dark, dark against light; and I am increasingly interested in the evocative effect of colour and combinations of colour, but above all I hope my paintings express energy and life.”

Robert spent several years as a teacher and a tutor at Falmouth College of art. He was in his forties when he became a full-time artist.

“I feel I have been extraordinarily fortunate. People have bought and valued my work, which, in turn, has allowed me to support my family and has also given me the freedom to be an artist.”

Robert is the author of biographies of Alfred Wallis and Reuben Chappell, and has given illustrated talks on Alfred Wallis at universities and galleries in Britain and abroad.

He is also the creator of Elements Of Pattern. Robert and software developer Ben Whorwood have created an app from this design which was recently featured at Falmouth Art Gallery.

Robert has several exhibitions planned this year. At present his work can be seen on his website In Cornwall, his work is represented in several galleries, including Beside the Wave, Falmouth and Trelissick Gallery.