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Reuben Chappell – Cymric




13.5″ x 20.5″. SOLD


More details about Reuben Chappell and Robert’s book on him ‘Pierhead Painter’ can be found here. As a bonus offer any purchase of these paintings will also include a free signed copy of the Robert Jones Reuben Chappell book.


ON 10175Z; built in 1893 by E T Hall at W Thomas & Sons; 126 tons gross; 123′ x 24′ x 10.8’; owned by W Thomas & Sons Amlwych; reg. Beaumorris.

This painting shows Cymric during the first world war when she was fitted with two guns at the bow.

During World War One many merchant ships, sail and steam, were sunk by German submarines. Sailing ships were easy targets, and it was the submarine’s practice to approach them on the surface, sinking the ship with gunfire or by placing a scuttling charge aboard. If the crew were fortunate, they would have been allowed to leave beforehand by way of the ship’s boat.

The British government armed a number of steamships, sailing and fishing vessels. In effect they acted as decoys, surprising the submarines by firing on them as they approached. The Q Ships proved to be a valuable part of the allies auti-U-boat campaign and succeeded in destroying at least fifteen U-boats.