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Reuben Chappell – Sound Fisher


Sound Fisher

13.5″ x 19.5″. SOLD


More details about Reuben Chappell and Robert’s book on him ‘Pierhead Painter’ can be found here. As a bonus offer any purchase of these paintings will also include a free signed copy of the Robert Jones Reuben Chappell book.


ON 142774; built 1909 Ardrossan Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co Ltd.; 510 gross; 142.4′ x 26.1′ x 10.9′.

At times Reuben Chappell would have to Work into the night to Complete a painting before the ship sailed, and this may account for the occasional mistake. For example, in this painting, While the name Sound Fisher is seen on the bow of the vessel, the inscription along the bottom of the painting reads ‘Sound Stream’ Capt R Jones. The starboard light is absent from the bridge; nevertheless this is a striking painting with an exceptionally convincing rendition of the sea. This was a quality in his work that was no doubt recognised by those who bought his paintings.

Built in 1919 and originally named ‘Independence’ the ship changed hands a number of times before being bought by James Fisher & Sons Ltd. of Barrow in Furness in 1929. Renamed ‘Sound Fisher’, she remained in the company until 1939 when she was sold to Brazil. The vessel sank in 1949 after a collision.